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The Orthodox New Testament

Православный Новый завет.

The EOB New Testament was prepared for personal study and liturgical use in English-speaking Orthodox Christian communities. Its format and font are designed to make both activities accessible and rewarding. Every attempt has been made to offer an accurate and scholarly translation of the Greek text, free of the theological bias that has affected most other translations of the New Testament, including the NIV (2 Thess. 2:15) and NAB (Matt. 5:32).

Another intention of this translation is to foster interest in learning the Greek language (biblical, patristic and modern), which is why many footnotes make reference to the underlying Greek vocabulary.

The purpose of this edition is also to make the reader aware of possible textual variants by footnoting all significant instances where the Patriarchal Text (PT) may not agree with the Textus Receptus (TR), the Majority Text (MT) or the Critical Text (CT). In several instances, the footnotes will provide references to specific manuscripts. 
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